4 Episodes

We are living in dangerous times – and so are the citizens of Newton. We got your bad cops, your robbers, your killers, your lady killers, and bedroom stricken mothers. It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in on our delivery boys of the world but Tyson Anthony cares. This ensemble cast will take us on a journey that’ll have us all asking “who done it” and “why are all the cute ones so fucking crazy” – it’s time to order some TAKEOUT.

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  • #1 - Barack Obama

    Episode 1

    Sidney Prescott- Andy – Rocket Jamal Sanchez – viewers are introduced to a slew of characters who reside in the small town of Newton. But it’s big murder rate has gained Newton a reputation as the town of death. Nobody’s safe – not even our delivery boys and especially not the woman who catch the...

  • #2 - That Neighbor

    Episode 2

    A lot can happen in six weeks – especially in Newton. A rookie cops gets a taste of reality when he finds himself living life as a stay at home cop, Matt’s little brother has managed to find the ultimate way to piss him off, and all our delivery boys can talk about is the new Blood Party movie th...

  • #3 - Noob
    Episode 3

    #3 - Noob

    Episode 3

    Dante is STILL missing which means Matt has yet to get his hands on their new found inheritance. Matt is beginning to lash out and without any hardcore evidence yet the cops of Newtown can only deal with his ways. And Rocket takes some time out of his day to do some friendship building with an in...

  • #4 - Right

    Episode 4

    In the mid-season finale when learn a bit about the past of one of our fellow officers. And we finally get some answers regarding the whereabouts of Dante - Matt's little brother.